Vettel and Ricciardo preview the German Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel
I always enjoy the atmosphere at the Hockenheimring. When you arrive at track in the morning, the circuit's already filled with fans, and when you're in the car you can see lots of German flags in the grandstands. The signing session is always very busy too. It's those little things I really enjoy about Hockenheim. We get a lot of encouragement. During practice you know that the fans in the grandstands are there to support you and stand by you, no matter what. Of course, you want to give as much as possible back to the fans, but sometimes it's not in your hands. However we will attack at the weekend and give everything.

Daniel Ricciardo
Hockenheim's quite a short track, but it's another of those with a little bit of everything. I don't think the track asks particularly big questions of the driver, though it requires you to be quite brave through the fast Turn One and the right-hander into the stadium; that's largely about having the confidence in the car to get you through those corners quickly. The other thing you need is good stability under the heavy braking for the hairpin. All in all, it's a balancing act. You'd like to have the downforce for the stadium and to keep it steady on the brakes, but equally you don't want too much drag on the straights.

Sebastian's favorite German things
We caught up with Sebastian ahead of his home grand prix in Germany this weekend to find out what some of his favorite things are about home.

Favorite football club?
SV: Easy, that's Eintracht Frankfurt

Favorite German football player?
SV: It would be Franz Beckenbauer

Favorite German band?

Favorite German song?
SV: That would be "Ich bin ein Mann" by Ted Herold

Favorite German food?
SV: "Bratwurst mit Kartoffelbrei", the German version of sausages and mash!

How do you like your wurst?
SV: Currywurst

Favorite German saying/phrase?
SV: "Alles klar, Keiner weiss Bescheid" – it's a saying that means everything is sorted and you are good to go

Favorite German city?
SV: I really like Berlin

Favorite thing about home town?
SV: That my family and friends are there

Favorite joke?
SV: Germans don't joke

Favorite German TV program?
SV: "Tatort" - It's a long-running German/Austrian/Swiss crime television series set in various parts of these countries

Favorite German actor?
SV: Jürgen Vogel - known for "The Wave" (2008), "The Free Will" (2006) and "Life is all you get" (1997)

Favorite activity to do at home / what is the first thing you do when you go back home to Germany?
SV: No question - first thing is to enjoy mum's kitchen!


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